Trance-Medium Philip Burley and Hypnotist Dr. Dolores Proiette Have Created a Masterpiece!

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Editor’s Note

If you could attend a meeting where Jesus, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln were discussing spiritual truth and the world situation, would you go? If each were to turn and speak directly to you, would you listen? Would it help you to know that such great souls keep a loving watch over the earth, and they are always active on our behalf? This book ushers you into a sphere where the door between this world and the afterlife swings wide open, and we discover that great leaders from another dimension are eager to speak to us. Trance medium Philip Burley and hypnotist Dolores Proiette have given them the means to do so!…

Anne Edwards
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Saint Germain

We celebrate life to the fullest extent possible, and that includes all people. You, each of you, anyone who hears my voice or reads my words, you are the object of God’s love, you; you, in your uniqueness. There is only one you. You are the object of God’s love, and in that love, there is no time.

— Saint Germain

SG: I am here. I have been waiting for Philip to be out of the way. I am smiling as I say that, but I do need to have a clear space, mentally and emotionally. As you were taking him into this state, he was focusing away from this procedure, so we had to work to bring the concentration of his energy back. As he aligned himself mentally with each part of the body that you named, that which you were trying to achieve happened. It is all about the focus of the mind, isn’t it? Where thought goes, the heart and everything else go.

The experience of hypnosis is about teaching people to focus. The more people learn to rein in the mind and become focused, the more hypnosis approximates what happens in meditation. With a facilitator or using self-hypnosis, anyone who practices enough will learn that meditation and hypnosis are part of one reality. If the mind is focused in that energy, whatever is intended will happen. This could include a change in thinking patterns, eradication of a harmful habit, or formation of a positive habit.

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Your goal is to arrive at divine love—all pervasive, never ending, compassionate, understanding, and unconditional love. Most of you do not have this kind of love for yourselves. In your own mind, you sometimes speak cruelly to yourselves, criticizing and finding fault. Thus you bring yourselves down from your highest of states. You keep negativity alive because you fail to realize by experience that you are light.

— Buddha

B: I am here. I am here. I radiate a golden light that signifies my presence, and I bring with me a host of spiritual beings who celebrate my re-entrance into human flesh through this medium. Whatever beliefs, ideas, or concepts you may have about me, I come this hour as my own unique self. I do not come to project glory, but as a human being who walked the earth as you do; one who sought the source of my soul and how to realize that source. We are all but waves upon the mighty ocean of God’s love, individual manifestations of God’s radiant light and all-encompassing love.

There is truth to the story of my moment of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, but it did not happen exactly as it has been written. The words I used to explain my experience have been changed in part, as happens to most teachings over time. I never sought to create a universal religion, but simply sought the source of my life. People asked me questions and found meaning in my words both when I was young and as I grew older. Some wrote down my words and others memorized them, and so my words became a teaching.

All awakening is within. It is a process, though there can come a moment of greatest illumination in which you understand life, including its source, its purpose, and its outcome, in a flash of insight. I did have such a moment, but it was part of a progressive realization. …

Dr. D: When you were on earth, you left your wife and son to seek the path of enlightenment. In light of what you know now, do you have any regrets about this?

B: Well, dear friends, we all exist on different levels, in different dimensions. That was my earthly dimension. As a human being, of course I have had regret, because my relationship with my wife was the seat of love for me. My wife became resentful toward me, and as a human being, she was correct in her feeling. My son later understood. We were all just playing roles on the stage of life. I better understood my inner voice sometime after my moment of enlightenment, and even more after I came to the spirit world. But if I had not listened to my inner voice and followed it while I was on earth, my name would not have become associated with peace or with the kind of receptivity that is filled with compassion and love for all beings.

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Mother Mary

Oh, that all would come to understand that there is one God and that you are all children of God, with infinite variety and possibilities. If only you would all celebrate each other’s differences—that the white would celebrate the color of the black, the yellow would celebrate the color of the red, and the red would celebrate the color of the white. Fighting would cease because you would see each one as your brother or sister. You would understand that the language, religion, or appearance may be different, but it is all one heart. Dear family of man, what you long for in your soul of souls, I long for, and many, many countless numbers of other souls long for. There is no difference in the heart, among all men and women. Pray for that peace. Live for that peace. Be that peace.

— Mother Mary

MM: I am here. I am so pleased that I could come through so quickly. Though you cannot see it, Philip’s body is vibrating with my presence. This is obvious to us on this side. He is a good channel to come through, without too many fixed ideas about how this should happen. I want to thank you for making it possible for me to come.

We could never cover all I would like to say, but you have questions for me, and I very much want to answer them for you, so let’s begin.

Dr. D: Thank you. How do you feel about so many people calling on your name?

 I might just turn that around and ask you how you would feel, if you got one phone call after another. I am greatly humbled that the Father decided to use me for the purpose of bringing a special son to earth, but sometimes I get 10,000 phone calls at one time. It is bigger than I am, so I am not the only one handling all the calls. By “calls” I mean the routine prayers and rosaries, as well as those sudden prayers people say when they are in an accident or in harm’s way. A team of individuals responds to anyone who needs help, but especially to Catholics and those who call my name. I will not say it is a burden, though I do take it very seriously. I only wish I had more completely lived up to the faith people have in me. There are also many here in the spirit world who believed in me, but labels are not very important on this side.

Harriet Taubman - Voices of Love from the Light
Harriet Tubman

When you come to identify yourself, not by color, language, or culture, but by being the son or daughter of God, then you are free. I don’t live looking at these external things, and I wish the world would not do this either. If each person could stand before the other, race to race, language to language, culture to culture, and feel and experience the divine reality of every human being, the light of God in each one, then earth would become heaven.

— Harriet Tubman

HT: I’m honored to step into this lovely energy you have created for us and to have this person to come through. I understand from our discussions here in the spirit world that you have some questions you want to ask me.

Dr. D: Yes, I do. Please tell us anything you would like us to know about your life in the spirit world, including your home, your surroundings, and what you are doing now.

 Most of all, I want people to know I am happy. I am no longer a slave, and I do not have a slave mentality. Earth was meant to be a place of trial, and many people don’t get that. They don’t understand that the earth is a school where there are tests so individuals can learn to know themselves; to pass the grade. When you come here as I did, after life’s labor, it is impossible to find the words to express the difference between the two worlds. I found so much freedom here, and I found limitless possibilities. …
Am I coming through all right? (You are doing wonderfully.)

Dr. D: Some say we become glorious but impersonal beings in the spirit world. Are our races, languages, and cultures retained? Are family and community identity retained?

HT: You have asked several questions in one, so I will answer by breaking it down. As far as coming over to the spirit world and being a glorious being goes, there is glory here. There are emanations of light, and beings who have been here for countless numbers of years are light itself. I am light itself. We are all light. Even now, when you are still in your physical body, you are light. You are made of light. You are the emanation of light because you are a direct ray from the great central sun or God. You are always connected to that reality we call God. …

As far as race is concerned, of course it continues. First, race is not only of the skin, but also of the mind. When I came here, I retained all the virtues and good aspects of my culture and my people. To tell you the truth, some of the highest beings in the spirit world are of my race because they suffered and overcame so much throughout history. …

Harriet Taubman - Voices of Love from the Light
Abraham Lincoln

By seeking to heal individuals and your land, you inadvertently heal yourself.

— Abraham Lincoln

Dr. D: I could feel the energy of Abraham Lincoln wanting to come through, so the hypnosis induction was brief prior to this session.

AL: Yes, I am here now. As most know, my face appears on the smallest coin used in the United States, the penny. As a point of focus, the image of a penny is now being suspended in front of Philip. I have been eagerly waiting since he perceived my presence earlier this morning. I am here to engage my thoughts and feelings in this experience, and there are many eager to do this. It should be no surprise to either of you that people of stature would want to come through. When we were on earth we wanted to be heard, we were heard, and we influenced others. We carried that desire with us to the spirit world. Our influence is of a different nature now because it is amply backed by an awareness we did not have on the earth plane.

I am so happy, Dolores, that I can come through. When he comes out of this state, I want you to greet Philip for me and thank him for allowing me to be here. I was so pleased that he heard me when I communicated my desire to be included. You have no idea how exhilarating it is to get into the earth energies in this way. There are many on earth to whom I can be close, but what the two of you are doing in enabling us to come through this kind of channel is rare. There is a celebratory feeling here when something like this happens, and I am grateful to be a part of it. It is humbling for me to be selected from among others to impart my thinking and feeling. …

Dr. D: Do you wish to make any comment about your untimely death?

AL: No death is untimely, dear. Death happens to each of us exactly at the appointed hour and in the appointed way. Would I like to have stayed longer on earth? Yes, given my idea of what life is. But once I settled in, I understood why I had to come here when I did. My work was over. I had brought the Emancipation Proclamation, and I paid a price for it. Once I had done that, I graduated into the spirit world, and I was ready. …

Harriet Taubman - Voices of Love from the Light
Eleanor Roosevelt

You suffer much because you do not realize the degree of your influence. In the darkness of the night, in a vast, vast area of darkness, one little candle can dispel that darkness. I tell you nothing new, but I rekindle that vision so that each one of you may burn brightly in prayer and in faithfulness for the sake of self, nation, and all people; for the sake of the world.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

ER: Yes, I am here. I was ready quite a bit before Philip was, but your putting him into the relaxed state made it easy for me to just slip in without causing any disruption in his nervous system.

I greet you and thank you for making it possible for me to step through the doorway from spirit into the earthly plane. I am so pleased to be here. If you could feel the current of electricity from spirit, you would know it is absolutely sweeping through Philip. I am imparting it and also receiving it, because when spirit meets flesh, a miracle happens. Life takes on the fullest expression. That is why we are drawn back to the earth plane. Sometimes we hunger for this environment because, if we have not completed our spiritual cycle from beginning to end, we must partake of the energies that I am now experiencing. Call this energy whatever you want to. Earlier today, in your conversations Philip referred to it as “chi.”

I will not prolong my comments now because there is some rich, rich material relating to your questions that I want to address. I am just so very pleased I could come through today and be here with you.

Dr. D: How are you doing in the spirit world?

ER: Dear one, if you cannot tell from my voice how I am, you never will know. I come through as the personality I was on the earth plane, because that is who I am. Of course, I have learned many things that have made life in spirit a great joy, and I understand more clearly what life is all about. While on earth, you all struggle because you do not know the beginning or the end. You only know everything in between as you move through life. There is a great plan for each person. Not all plans are big, because that is determined by the individual’s mission or role to play on earth. Still, each person has a story, and it must be played out, chapter by chapter. …

Dr. D: I can tell it’s you and that you are excited to be coming through.

ER: Yes I am very excited, in more than a subtle sense.

Dr. D: My next question is this: What do you think of the present world situation?

ER: Oh, my, my. What a big question!

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