Trance-Medium Philip Burley and Hypnotist Dr. Dolores Proiette Have Created a Masterpiece!

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Praise for
Voices of Love from the Light

Anyone who reads this book will be transported to the lightest levels of the spiritual realms. The words, knowledge, and insights on these pages will open your heart and connect you to the oneness of being.

— JAMES VAN PRAAGH | spiritual medium and bestselling author

Offering profound wisdom from some of the most advanced souls in the spiritual world, this book helps us understand our relationship with spirit. It is a must read!

— NICK BUNICK | co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Messengers: Fourteen Years Later

Proiette and Burley have burned much midnight oil to research the phenomenon of multi-dimensional communication. This book is an excellent adventure that takes us into areas of consciousness often unexplored. It will ease the fears of many.

— ROBERT J. O’CONNOR | CHt, Quantum Source Integration Therapist
President Emeritus, Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis

High frequency energies of love and healing delivered in the unmistakable voice of each master reassure us that in spite of our limited view of a world that may seem chaotic and without purpose, all is well. This extraordinary book has a valuable message for each of us.

— CAROL ADLER | CHt, President/CEO, Dandelion Enterprises, Inc. & Dandelion Books, LLC
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With the assistance of skilled hypnotist, Dolores Proiette, Philip Burley has channeled words that have the potential to change your life. You’ll be delighted that you got your hands on this book.

— JOHN HARRICHARAN | award-winning author of the bestseller,
When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat

Throughout history, great souls have dedicated their lives to help guide humanity to its divine destiny, serving as lighthouses of truth and emissaries of love, guided themselves by great masters. They are called by various names: mystic, sage, teacher, adept, or initiate, and Philip Burley is one of them. In this new book, through his remarkable gift as a spiritual medium, Philip welcomes us to a conclave of enlightened masters that we, too, may awaken.

— MICHAEL J. TAMURA | spiritual teacher, clairvoyant visionary, and award-winning author of You Are the Answer

Many have been able to access messages from the inner dimensions, but few have refined the art of mediumship to the level that Philip Burley has. His pure motivation is the probable reason that our most beloved leaders and teachers in the spirit world have chosen him to be their messenger. This book is a gift to humanity.

— JULIA INGRAM | MA, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Messengers: A True Story of Angelic Presence and The Return to the Age of Miracles

I experienced profound peace and joy after reading this remarkable book. You’ll pick it up again and again—to be reminded of the magnificent Universe in which we live.

— ANITA BERGEN | editor and bestselling author of Life and Other Options
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Philip Burley has done a phenomenal job of channeling messages from some of my favorite teachers in the spirit world. Only Mr. Burley could have brought through such extraordinary content. This is an amazing book!

— JOYCE KELLER | medium, television and radio host, and bestselling author of 7 Steps to Heaven and Calling All Angels

Readers will discover answers to questions such as: “What is life all about?” “What happens to our departed loved ones?” “Is there a spirit world?” The messages in this book have the power to influence our world toward a more loving and peaceful existence. With great clarity, they expand our understanding of our purpose on earth and in the afterlife. I find new pearls of wisdom every time I read it.

— SUZANNE NAULT | MPs PCC, psychologist, speaker, and co-author of the #1 international bestseller, The Expert Success Solution

This book will take you on an empowering, enlightening, and spiritually satisfying journey that answers many of your spiritual questions and leaves you feeling comforted about your place in the universe. Be prepared to be hungry for more from each master who has chosen to speak through Philip.

— SUSAN APOLLON | psychologist, educator, and award-winning author of Touched by the Extraordinary

Without a shadow of doubt, I believe that the veil between heaven and earth has been pierced. Beautiful words, thoughts, energy, and blessings will flow to each person who takes the time to read this book. It is a gift to be in the presence of the great masters and leaders who speak in each chapter. You will feel as though you’ve met them in person . . . because you have!

— REGINA BOWDEN | PhD, management consultant, president, Transformation Inc., co-author of Aligning for Change: Collaborative Strategic Planning
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While reading this incredible book, it was no surprise to me that my respect for the work of Dr. Dolores Proiette and Philip Burley was greatly reinforced. The book will provide great support for both seasoned spiritualists and those just beginning to dip their toes into spiritual teachings. I will be recommending it to friends, family, and colleagues.

— KIERSTEN HATHCOCK | founder, The Little Light Project, Inc.

This book will inspire all who hunger for the highest levels of truth to go inside and experience God as Love. Once we have that experience, we know we are never alone in growing and learning—on earth or in the afterlife.

— DIANE ZANTOP | MA, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, spiritual mentor, and Reiki healer

Philip Burley is dedicated to truth in his work and in his service to humanity. His clear intention provides a laser focus for each of us to become Self-aware and to accept the quickening within us that true spiritual work affords. Philip’s new book is an instrument pointing to the actual felt knowing of the truth of being.

— REV. BRUCE KELLOGG | Ordained Unity Minister

As you read this spiritual classic, you will experience an energetic transmission of healing and the transcendent Divine. It is a book to be savored sentence by sentence, word by word, and insight by insight. Its panoramic look into the workings and wisdom of the world of Spirit is evergreen material that will benefit readers for years to come. It will be cherished by many.

— YANNI MANIATES | MS, CMI, bestselling author of Magical Keys to Self- Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life

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From gifted spiritual channel, Philip Burley, and professional hypnotist, Dolores Proiette, comes a masterpiece filled with great truth and wisdom. It will inspire and comfort all who read it.

— DEAN SHROCK | PhD, bestselling author of Why Love Heals

I was thrilled to sense the love and enthusiasm the masters felt as they shared their truth with humanity. Their words remind us that we are far more capable than we know and can make more of a difference than we think. The book provides fascinating glimpses of life in the spirit world and the ways we are always attended by spirit beings who love and guide us.

— MARY BELL NYMAN | founder, Psychic Horizons Center, Boulder, Colorado

Have you ever wished you could sit down and talk with inspired leaders and enlightened masters of days gone by? In this unique offering, you can listen in on conversations with many masters, ranging from Harriet Tubman to Jesus, who bettered the course of innumerable lives. Well worth the read, the discourses presented in this book are a delicious gift to the soul.

— REV. MASTER SAMANTHIA I AM | Ordained Interfaith Minister, author, and spiritual counselor

This book is a gem filled with the teachings of twenty spiritual leaders, each of whom offers something special and unique. It opens doors to a whole range of knowledge and experience, helping us to understand that we can explore areas within ourselves that will expand our awareness beyond our bodies and small minds. Thanks to Philip and Dolores for making available such valuable material.

— DR. HAL STONE | psychotherapist, teacher, and co-author of Embracing Our Selves
blue burst for Voices of Love from the Light, Philip Burley, Mastery Press
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